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History & Mission

Enriching our lives and expanding our horizons for more than 40 years, the West Point/Clay County Arts Council is dedicated to the promotion of the arts for the enrichment, education, celebration of the creative spirit, and to strengthen the cultural life of our community.


West Point/Clay County Arts Council was started in 1979 when a group of 11 people who lived in West Point and loved the arts in all the may ways they are expressed, met in October at the Bryan Public Library to form an arts council.

By February of 1980, the council was an incorporated organization with a slate of officers and a nine member Board of Directors.

Over the past 40 years the Arts Council has brought the National Shakespeare Company, the Mississippi Ballet, the Mississippi Symphony, nationally know actors, mimes, pottery, art exhibits, workshops, Mizzoula, Madrigal singers and barbershop quartets to West Point.  We continue our dedication to bringing quality events and programs to our town.

The Arts Council also works with other area arts organizations and with our local schools to support and present a variety of educational programming in the arts for our youth.



From a Board of 9 we have expanded our ranks of active Board members to those listed below.
The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 at the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts.  If you are interested in participating on one of our committees or if you have suggestions for programs you would like us to offer, please contact Julie Gray, president (662-295-0461).



Julie Gray--  President

Scott Reed - Vice President

Lewise Jackson — Treasurer
Lanell Early — Secretary

Board Members

Louise Campbell

Julie Gray

Alice Jones

Lewise Jackson

Scott Reed

Donna Ross

Laura Stewart

Marc Stewart

Holly Hitt

Lanell Early

Lori Edwards

Chris Frazier

Leah Alonso

Vicki Hannah

Cindy Orrick

Julie Hill

Thea Kay Tribble

Cindy Smith

Michelle Williamson

Sandra Murray

Help us enrich our community through the arts by donating.

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